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May 8, 2012 9:00pm PDT
states in a diplomatic war. a blind chinese activist is asking the united states to ask him get safely out of china. the controversy disrupted a china summit in beijing. efrem graham reports. >> now they are trying to find a solution, the blind chinese activist pleads for more help from washington. clinton spoke around the issue urging china to improve its human right effort. >> we believe all governments have to answer to citizens aspirations for dignity and rule of law. and no nation can or should deny those rights. >> china is outraged by the comments and criticizes the u.s. for getting involved. the man was being held under house arrest and suffering regular beatings. he managed to evade his captors and make it to the u.s. embassy. he left claiming he felt safe. hours later chen guangcheng claimed he left the embassy under duress. in this phone interview, he told the associated press, quote if they could ensure our safety, i would stay. the way it looks now, i have lost hope. as the case gets international group, aid groups are working on his behalf. china aid is a christian agency
May 1, 2012 9:00pm PDT
security and denies holocaust, the united states will do everything in our power to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> the president says the u.s. will target iran, and other regimes that targets their own people. >> i have signed an executive order that sanctions to monitor and track and target citizens for violence. >> president mentioned south sudan as one success story. it is the world's newest nation. they try to cope with the aftermath. >> it is much, much alarming. we are now stretched to the limit. we are receiving all the military casualties and civilian alike on top of our normal civilian that have been dealing with. >> this weekend, mr. obama used his bully pulpit calling both sides to account. >> we know what needs to happen. government of sudan must stop military actions including arial bombardments and end support for armed groups inside the south. like wise the government of south sudan must end armed groups and cease military actions across the border. >> john waage, cbn news. >>> a catholic church in sudan burned this week. related to ongoing hostilities.
May 15, 2012 9:00pm PDT
something. >> he began to doubt his faith. >> several years later al moved to the united states. >> this might be the time to open the door. >> dialogue began with a question, who is jesus christ? >> i am thinking he is talking about following a profit. by following the profit, jesus, he was transformed, i am following the best of the p profit. i began to realize jesus was a central person and character and point in their life. he was the source of the change. >> al's doubts about islam became overwhelming when he saw the crimes committed by jihadist and osama bin laden on september 11th, 2001. >> to watch people go that far, to take hundreds of lives. these are innocent people. >> al stopped practicing islam. he decided to visit a christian church. >> i began a comparison process, looked at the koran compareed to bible. looked at the person of christ. after six months i fell in love with this jesus. i couldn't resist the conviction of the holy spirit and gospel message. god of the bible loves me and sent his son to die for me. the holy spirit gave me the courage to get down on
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3